Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Closed! Library

The intersession breaks and policy to shut down campus completely, hurts some campus dwellers like me.
Everything, including library is closed. Heating is brought down. The University stands the cold with some squirrels jumping around.
The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
Today I saw another poor guy coming to campus in a feet deep snow just to find the library closed. I shouted, "library closed on weekends!"  that saved him few meters of walk. He should have checked it online. (The new library website is cool.)

I just felt bad for him. What can I do?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Writing Statement of Purpose for Higher Studies in USA

On the attempts to write about the minor details on applying for higher education, this is my small effort on how to write statement of purpose for higher studies.
I am writing my personal experience. If your experience is different, please feel free to write on the comment section.

Writing Statement of Purpose is very important component of your application package. I have seen as your representative to the reader.

My experience in writing the SOP was pretty. I just wrote down whatever came through in my academic endeavor. There were few templates floating on the market about writing the SOP. If I followed the template by just changing names and places, I could easily get it. NO! My main idea was that I should write about my self and not be motivated by anything else (because I had seen other's). I started by collecting the relevant info. After writing it in straight-forward way, I looked over it. It contained my academic history; a plus was non academic activities. I think it was unique (actually true for eveybody) . If anyone decides to write their own, the following site is useful to get an idea of what others do write!
The site is useful to go through.
Take time and Enjoy!