Sunday, September 20, 2009

Supporting Papers/Documents for the F1 visa interview to USA

There seems to be a lot of anxiety floating around before presenting oneself to the visa interview.

Here, I would like to elaborate the papers I had in the visa interview:
TOEFL score sheet
Admission letter by the University
TA offer letter
Letter by the Department and Student Services (if any)
Mark-sheet AND character certificates of SLC, +2, B.Sc. And M.Sc.

Police Clearance (may not be necessary)
Relationship verification


Certificates of Experiences
Certificate of appreciations
Certificates of participations
Anything not to leave the file light.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Lost Old Man On Campus

Today I was out there in campus center for our lunch. As we were having lunch, I could see an old man wondering here and there. Asking few people about directions and then going away and coming back to the same place again in cycle and asking again to another person he could find there.
After few cycles, he approached me and asked how to go to the other side of the campus center. The other side was shielded by glass. One can see the other side but can not really go through it. The way was little curved than usual. I told him the way I used to access the other side. He followed my advise. Surprise! The door was locked. I felt bad as I was watching him doing it. May be thats why he was not very happy after getting the direction from me. But however, I had pushed him to.
Anyways, as he was returning, a kind lady realized the situation and told him the new way to the other side. At least, he could now be on the other side.
To my second surprise, he just came back with the same sign of frustration.
Well, we had finished our launch and outta there!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Items to Bring to USA on your luggage

There are few items which are unique to our culture and life style. While life style might be different than what you have been thinking, few things are handy when you get into the cultural shock aboard.

Medicine Lists:
Tauko dukheko
D-Cold (Tabs will be easier)
Sancho (2-3 ota)
Handi plast (2 strips)
medicine for Diarrea (this may be important)