Saturday, September 5, 2009

Items to Bring to USA on your luggage

There are few items which are unique to our culture and life style. While life style might be different than what you have been thinking, few things are handy when you get into the cultural shock aboard.

Medicine Lists:
Tauko dukheko
D-Cold (Tabs will be easier)
Sancho (2-3 ota)
Handi plast (2 strips)
medicine for Diarrea (this may be important)

General Entertainment:
Nepali old songs, pop songs, folk songs.
Nepali movie songs and movies if possible.
Online movies are available but I don't think that the sites are trust worthy (for the health of the computer)
Songs of Some singers like Narayan Gopal, Ram-Krishna Dhakal, etc etc whatever preferred will be the best aid.
(More music== more entertainment)
If possible some video CDs of Comedy, and music are highly recommended.

Insert your interests everywhere!

Bring Some Gift items
For my case I bought many post cards
Visited the Nepal tourism board near Bhrikuti mandap to collect the CD and big poster of mount Everest.
They needs the copy of visa.
Bring a good sized Flag of Nepal to be hung on the wall.
The formal Dress of Nepal may be a good stuff. (I bought one but have never used till date)
Bringing the posters of God and Goddes will be a good suggestion (I did not)
Sasto ramro handi Craft items will be impressive to be presented to the Department Chief and or Advisoro. i AM not sure about idea of bringing Dhaka
topi as present. When we were in Germany,Nabin Paudel had bought some Dhaka topis : I don't think they had become more valuable than my post
cards of Mount everest. Specially when you have to give it to a lady!
Mentioning the small Khukuri cross as present is optional one.
A big map of Nepal (to explain nepal to other companions in US.
If you can, Playing cards will be great (I did not)

Scientific calculator is highly recommended. I could not figure out for some time how to operate the Calculator found here.
Do not bring Pen-drive. Cheaper one can be found here online.
Though one or two floppy drives might be useful some-times.
Bring alot of (~15) blank CDs (its use depends on conditions// though bringing blank CDs/DVDs are recommended!) Blank CDs will be helpful to burn
CDs to install linux OS // Ubuntu Live CD can be downloaded from cannonical website...
Softwares One will need are: Fortran, Mathematica, C, C++ Matlab, Scientific Work Place , Adobe acrobat /Distiller(PDF Writer cute pdf is free but is not the superior one), oFFICE
(alternate is open office), Origin, Partition Magic , La-tex editors, Gaussian (if), and so and so.
Many free softwares like Open office can be downloaded here in US for free on high speed internet. So no need to bring installer Softwares of Adobe
Reader(pdf), Yahoo, MSN messenger, skype, giam, Real Player and other players, Free anti viruses, Opera, Firefox, Picasa and so and so.

Kehi dimag ma aayo?
Please post as comment!

Pressure cooker (2.5 ltr min.) (with spare rubbers and fuses), very very important.
Dinner Plate (Thal)
Cup (Ceramic may break in pack)
Spoon (DD packed me fork and spoon which I liked the most, bigger spoon was my favourite one, which helped me to eat faster)
Sano Karai , (may be tapke too)
DAdu and paniu

Electric pots are not recommended as they will not be too good here.
The wiring system here is different: needs some kinda converter.

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